Bayeux Professionnal High School
Thanks to one of the teachers, Benoit Thièblemont, who resides next to Merville, Team SNAFU got to meet Arcissse de Caumont Professionnal High School in Bayeux. This school specializes in teaching roadie jobs, such as truck drivers. Benoit heard through the local press the plane 's return from Bosnia to Carpiquet and asked his pupils to give us a hand in moving it to the Merville battery site. Preliminary studies on loading and securing the plane, road reconnaissance, police escort along the urban part of the course... every single measures were carefully taken to make sure such a special cargo reaches its destination.
And thus, the young students from Bayeux Professionnal Arcisse de Caumont High School twice participated in the DC 43-15073 great adventure, first helping carry the main part of the fuselage and the tail end, and further on carrying the engines with great professionnalism and attention. May they all as well as benoit be heartfully thanked.

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