The Merville battery
One of the landmarks of Allied landing, a historic site of over five hectares of unspoilt since the end of the war.
Very close to Sword beach which can be covered with the range of its guns, formidable German battery protected by a garrison and many obstacles.
Rommel made it one of the locks of the Atlantic Wall in this sector. Do not worry ! The Allied High Command made it a priority and vital objective of D-Day. The shock will be terrible ...
Since dawn of June 6, where 700 brave young men of the 9th Para Battalion jumped to write one of the most heroic feats of D-Day, the Merville Battery became a symbolic site of Airborne troops.
An highly trained elite unit, an incredible bad luck, the unimaginable assault, victorious but tragic epic: '"They did not know it was impossible, so they did it."

Was it possible to find a better place than the Merville battery to welcome the Douglas C-47 43-15073 when we know :
  • Than the 9th Para Battalion was the only British battalion to be completely dropped from Dakotas while the other battalions of the 6th Airborne jumped from the Abermarle or Stirling.
  • Than two British dakotas crashed in Merville, the first on 6 June 1944, the second the day after.
  • Than a part of the Dakotas were British lend-lease and were flying under the colors of the USA, only registration number is able to identify them.
  • Than this is an exceptional place where C-47 43-15073, tired veteran but great witness of our history will regain her lost dignity.

Finally, time and place of an honorable retirement for Douglas C-47 #43-15073 !

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