The birth of the Association
Created by the initiative of friends of the Merville Battery and aeronautical enthusiasts, the Association is set on financing and organising the return of this C-47 to Normandy. It is legally constituted, guaranteed, and possesses the requisite expertise, dynamism and enthusiasm to lead the operation “Saving C-47 #43-15073”.
The Anglo-French Association for the Management of the Merville Battery, through its partnership with the Espace du Littoral, manages the historic site and the museum, has set in train the actions necessary to receive this legendary aeroplane to the iconic site at Merville. Under the gaze of Lieutenant Colonel Otway’s bronze bust, on one of the legendary sites where airborne troops brought freedom in the folds of their parachutes, the old C-47 will surely regain its dignity.

Association Merville-Dakota
Place du 9ème Bataillon
14810 Merville-Franceville

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